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01. – About Us

The mission of the University is to create an advanced education, research and innovation infrastructure and to promote new knowledge.


Member of the “Russian Academic Excellence Project” team.


Belongs to the top 20 of the country’s best universities.


SibFU is located in Krasnoyarsk - a geographical heart of Russia.


The biggest university in the Asian part of Russia.

02. – Educational Programs

Master’s Degree Program “Digital Intelligent Control Systems"

The Master's Program "Digital Intelligent Control Systems" is offered by the School of Space and Information Technologies of the Siberian Federal University.

Master’s Degree Program “Data Science and Mathematical Modeling”

The program is designed for students with a background in Mathematics, Physics, Natural Sciences, Computer Science or Engineering.

Master's degree program “Banking”

The program is suitable for students from a variety of backgrounds, including those with industry experience and those have not studied economics, finance or accountancy at bachelors level.

Master's degree program “Biological Engineering”

The Program is aimed at students having background in natural science and wishing to master contemporary methodology of scientific research in order to pursue career in the field of biological engineering.

Master's degree program “Petroleum Chemistry and Refining"

This program has been designed to prepare graduates with a range of skills in petroleum chemistry, including engineering and management.

"Bioluminescent Biotechnologies”

International Semester Program “Bioluminescent Biotechnologies” offered by Siberian Federal University (School of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology) constitutes a Special English-taught Module of Master in Biophysics.

"Complex Geometry”

The program aims to introduce students to the fundamentals of the geometry of complex space and its subsets and basic methods of their study.

"Embedded Microprocessor Systems”

International Semester Program “Embedded Microprocessor Systems” offered by Siberian Federal University (School of Space and Information Technologies) constitutes a Special English-taught Module of Master in Microprocessor Systems. This Module is aimed at teaching students how to design embedded systems based on modern microprocessors, microcontrollers, and programmable integrated circuits at a high professional level.

“Integral Methods of Complex Analysis”

The program introduces students to integral representations and transforms in several variables, which is a unifying theme of complex analysis that can resurface in any research dealing with complex analytic objects.

“Modeling of Oil Refining Processes"

The Semester Program covers the main issues associated with modeling of processes of oil refining and petrochemistry.

“Nonferrous Metallurgy”

The aim of the program is to provide students with professional competences in metallurgy of nonferrous metals.

“Technologies of Hydrocarbons Processing”

The Semester Program gives the information about general technologies of oil refining, technologies of refining low-quality oil and means of significant increasing of oil refining depth.

“Technologies of Life Support Systems and Risk management in the High North”

The main strategic task of the Semester Program is to introduce ways for future development of the Northern and Arctic zones based on high-tech scientific technologies for the technogenic safety.

Foundation Program

Siberian Federal University offers for international students a wide range of Undergraduate Programs. They are taught in Russian.

School for the Humanities

School of Civil Engineering and Construction

School of Architecture and Design

Higher School of Gastronomy

School of Mining, Geology and Geotechnology

School of Engineering Physics and Radio Electronics

School of Space and Information Technology

School of Mathematics and Computer Science 

School of Petroleum and Gas Engineering

School of Education, Psychology and Sociology

School of Business Process Management 

School of Physical Education, Sport and Tourism

School of Philology and Language Communication

School of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology

School of Non-Ferrous Metals and Materials Science

School of Ecology and Geography

School of Economics, Finance and Public Administration 

Polytechnic school

School of Trade and Services

Law School

School of the North and the Arctic 

Military Engineering School 

Lesosibirsk School of Education — SibFU Branch

Sayano-Shushenskiy Branch of SibFU

Khakassian Technical School — SibFU Branch

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03. – Bonuses

Enrollment on fee-based places


After you have enrolled on a fee-paid program the University will be willing to offer you a cost-free place in an on-campus dorm. All dormitories are well-equipped with basic amenities and even more and are located within a walking distance from places of study.

Reduced Tuition Fee*

SibFU provides a discount of 10%+ off the tuition fee for applicants with high entrance tests results. Check out the reduced fees (per year) for programs.

*only available for Bachelor and Specialist Degree applicants.

Admission with only 2 exams

International applicants have the opportunity to be enrolled on a fee-paid program based on the results of only two entrance exams (except for the programs where creativity tests are employed) The Russian language exam is compulsory and the choice of the second exam depends on a program. Check out the admission tests for each program.

In case the mobility restrictions are not lifted and arriving in Krasnoyarsk is still impossible, the international students of Siberian Federal University will begin the academic year via online learning platforms.

When international travel is deemed safe, the enrolled students will be able to come and will be accommodated in the rooms reserved for them in the SibFU dormitories.

04. – Scholarships
Russian Goverments Scholarships
Russian Goverments Scholarships

300 state-funded places were granted to Siberian Federal University for international applicants to study at the Preparatory Department (Russian Language Preparation Programs) and to enroll to educational programs (Bachelor, Master, Postgraduate).
The Russian Government’s Scholarship covers full tuition and a monthly allowance. Travel costs, living expenses and a mandatory health insurance program are not included. The Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis.
A single state-funded place will allow you to start your education with learning Russian as a foreign language and then proceed on a degree program of your choice in one of SibFU schools.

SUBMIT AN APPLICATION to the Russian Embassy in your home country OR to the Russian Center for Science and Culture.

More information about Russian Government's Scholarships

State-funded places for ex-Compatriots
State-funded places for ex-Compatriots

Siberian Federal University provides the opportunity for applicants with the status of ex-Compatriot to apply for state-funded places. To do this, you need to submit to the Admission Office documents confirming that you or your immediate family (mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, great-grandmother, great-grandfather, etc.) had the citizenship of the USSR or lived in Russia in the past.
If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact the International Student Recruitment Office of SibFU via

Contact us for more information

“Open Doors” Russian Scholarship Project
“Open Doors” Russian Scholarship Project

University encourages undergraduate students to participate in the Open Doors, a Russian Scholarship Project held by the Global Universities Association, to have a chance to win a full scholarship to study at a Master’s program at one of the leading Russian universities.

More information about “Open Doors” Scholarship Project

05. – How to Apply

Step 1: Choose a Program

Please, note that Bachelor’s programs are available only in the Russian language. If you are looking for this level program you should apply for a foundation Russian language course. If you are looking for an English-taught Master’s level program, click here to study a list of available programs and apply.

Step 2: Submit Application Form on the Website

Fill in the requested data in an online form. Please note all digital attachments should be of high quality.The passport should be valid for at least 18 months after the prospective starting date of your studies.

Step 3: Take Your Entrance Tests

Based on your chosen program
Note: Applicants for Russian Language Preparation Programs are admitted without exams.

Step 4: Sign the Learning Agreement

Sign the Learning Agreement that we sent you and email its scanned copy back to the International Students Recruitment Office at

Step 5: Pay the Invoice from the University (a semester or a full academic year fee depending on a program)

After receiving the confirmation of payment the department will apply for an invitation letter for you.

Step 6: Wait for Invitation Letter

You will receive the notification that your letter is ready from the International Cooperation Department. The digital invitation letter will be sent to you via email.

Step 7: Apply for a Visa

Find out from your nearest Russian Embassy what documents you need to supply for your entry visa. It is recommended that you start preparing your documents well in advance as it may be a lengthy process.

Step 8: Arrive in Krasnoyarsk

It is essential that you take with you

1. International passport valid for at least 18 months after the date of entry to the Russian Federation and migration (landing) card.

2. Medical certificate on absence of contraindications for study in Russia issued by the official medical care authority in your country of residence. Medical X-ray certificate valid on the date of entry into the Russian Federation.

3. HIV certificate issued by the official medical care authority in the your country of residence.

4. Copy and original of the document which certifies the earlier education received (with the list of the taken courses, credits received and grade point average), duly prepared for nostrification.

5. 12 matte photos, 4 by 6 centimeters.

6. Medical insurance

Note: Originals of the documents specified in items 3, 4, 5 and 6 should be delivered by the applicant to the university promptly upon arrival.

Note 2: You are legally obliged to have medical insurance coverage for the entire duration of your stay on the territory of Russia. You are recommended to purchase it upon arrival at your destination; this can be done from a local health insurance company. The Office of international students and staff support will assist you in choosing a health and safety insurer.

06. – Testimonials

What people say about SibFU

09. – Contact us

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11. – Partners

SibFU’s most active partners range from outstanding academic institutions to prosperous local businesses and global corporations

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